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has anyone tried reading tolkein's books

Have any of you read his books? I am a true fan of Tolkein, he created a whole world and even a language. He is the most influential man in the world. He is the MAN!!!!!!!!
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Yes...tolkein is is Peter Jackson...
it's tolkien, silly.
Hey i just found your community and wanted to comment on what you asked. So yea i just began reading his Lord of the Rings books. The movies inspired me. He is really awsome his books are amazing. Also if anyone in here likes elijah join my community, Elijah-licious! -Regina
and you are so right he is one of the most influential men who has ever lived. The languages alone are just unbelieveable, and the worlds, people and all that goes into them are just incredible.
No one has ever came close to matching what he captured and has expressed for all of us.
His whole life was incredible, how he came to do the things he did, where he did them, amazing!!
i totally agree. it takes an amazing animation for what he wrote. i've read the Hobit, and the Fellowship, parts of Two Towers and Return. and the they're just insane. to create Tolkien's world in a film and make it as entertaining as it just groundbreaking in my opinion. however it's slightly difficult for those who didn't read the books (my mom lol) Tolkien you are the man!
Yes, he is the man, the words he uses are perfect... and the language...awesome. Oh! The maps are awesome too! (the newest ones)