hey just joined,
I love J.R.R tolkein, I think he's one of the greatest literary masters...EVER. The LOTR books were so amazing and its pretty astounding that he was able to invent this brand new world and create a brand new language for it. The movies were also frickenn amazing. as has been made pretty obvious by this post, i am a genuine lotr loser and nerd:p


Yea, I'm a loser, but what makes me better is that I'm a LOTR LOSER, nay? LOL, anyway, I'm new, as you can probably guess. My name's Kristen and there's a lot of random crap I could tell you about me, but at the moment I don't feel it is the time and/or place.
Team Jacob, Jake <3 Bells

YAY!! New community!!!

Hmmm....well....This is a lovely, dandy new community, innit it? ::crickets chirp:: Yeah...kinda know...being the ONLY MEMBER and all. So...come join!!! And please make me some Icons...if anyone's talented and has an animation program....You'll get large amounts of credit and such!